Elusivewax est. 1996



Elusivewax is an education curriculum consultant company who specalise in writing, developing and delivering educational support for various institutions in the United Kingdom. We write and develop social and educational curriculums for cultural learning in various educational establishments in London and Cambridge. Our focus is to enhance the skills that young people will need as they go forward through their lives. We work closely with museums and galleries in the informal learning environment allowing students to learn and discover through science, technology, natural history, factual history, geography and design. We also take students on various excursions in the UK to improve their knowledge of British history and geography which in turn improves the overall social interaction for students educational growth.

If you wish to find out more on how we can improve, develop or write from scratch your curriculum then please send us a brief outline of your ideas and needs  and we will be happy to give you a consultation.